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General Favorites. There is a whole lot of just plain great art I find for various reasons. Give this section a check, I don't tend to put crap in here (anymore at least).


One of things I've always found it hard to admit is the random crap I've suffered from over the years. Its kinda hard to explain why, but I feel like it would help, just make people judge me in one of those ways. So it was only a month or so ago in a rather heated conversation with a co-worker that I for the first time admitted out loud that I have suffered from depression twice in my life now. Each time sticks out as a void that I fell into and nothing, no ropes thrown down by family and friends could pull me out. And this past year I suffered from one of my worst ever, that sent me so deep I stopped all things I enjoyed in life. And this is the first time outside of family and friends I will be talking about this. 

I was doing so well in photography in the summer of 2013; I was keeping up with daily photos and had increased both my equipment quality and skill set. I was heading towards a future where photography might be my career. Then something happened that stopped me dead in my tracks. At the time I was in denial, I told myself that it wasn't happening and that it would all blow over. What I was running from was the fact that my Grandfather, the man that I had lived with my entire life and was the only male father figure I ever had (dad left before I was born), was diagnosed with Stage IV skin cancer. It had metastasized to much of his body. 

I hid away in a mobile game simply because I could hide who I was and what was going on. And I got to take out all the anger that comes from something like that on strangers. Oh and did I attack them with venom and anger. I have always said I'm a bit of a troll, but only to other trolls. And dear lord did I assault all the trolls on the games global chat. I said things that were wrong just to hurt others. I told myself it was ok because they were doing the same to other people. But it wasn't.

Even that stopped working once he started to succumb to the chemotherapy treatments. We three (my mom, sister, and myself) became his full time caretakers, having to help him out of bed and to the bathroom, with things only declining steadily throughout 2014. Our lives came to a halt, and I did not touch my camera or play games, or do really anything. My mom had it the worst as she towards the end was the only one who could handle what was going on, and usually kicked us out of the room. Every night was a struggle to sleep as I shared a wall with him, and would hear his cries for my mom every night. I gained so much more weight, finally breaking a barrier I said I never would. I also moved through denial, as well as anger and all the other stages. I was just depressed and knew it. 

I'll never forget the day it all finally ended. I had come home with a massive headache and hadn't slept much as he was now unable to, even with our help, get out of bed. I got home from work on a Saturday night and passed out pretty quick. I woke up sometime around 4 am, and noticing the late hour went and checked on him. It was very rare at this point, but there were times he would actually sleep through most of a night. I went to check on him and sure enough, he was asleep and still breathing. So I went back to bed to try and get as many hours as I could.

I awoke to my sister frantic, telling me he stopped breathing and that they had called 911. I got up dazed and confused and still asleep, and saw an image of my mom over him doing CPR, guided by the 911 operator, that will never leave my mind. I was off work for a few days and chain smoked heavily that week, developing bronchitis in the following weeks. It was a hard month, that December of 2014. Christmas just didn't feel the same, and neither did the house. 

Since then I've had so many false starts trying to get life moving, and then I was again injured with a disc in my back blowing out right as I was getting ready to jump back into my old hobbies. I've found it so hard to get moving, and I admit to using it all as an excuse. And recently I've realized why; I never really left this void, this hole I dug in my mind. I was still suffering from depression, yet I had fooled myself into thinking I was fine. Painting had nearly pulled me out but the back injury stopped that.

Now I'm painting again, and my camera gear is out and ready to go. I want to get back to living, I can't honor him any other way. And now to share something that I made for the memorial we had, remembering the old man:

This is the only place outside of facebook I have ever posted this. I hope all those who got behind me back with ApertureSeven, and all the projects I was doing here can understand and forgive me for so abruptly leaving. I hope to restart that, in a new guise, here in the near future. And I thank you to anyone who is still subscribed, and who is reading this right now. 
For those few people who might still be watching my account, please go watch this YouTube playlist; its all the videos I have captured so far of people I know doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, and I hope to ad more. The nice part is all Ad revenue from the videos goes straight to charity!!

Please share this playlist, all ad revenue from the videos will go to the charities! Hope to film more soon!…

Engagement Shoot Photos

Tue Jun 11, 2013, 1:52 PM

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So a few weeks back I did an Engagement shoot for some good friends of mine. I had no idea what I was doing, and I was also going to be doing flash photography for the first time in a portrait session. To say I was nervous would be an understatement.

I had about one week to prepare and try and learn as much as I could about using a flash in various ways, and come up with some good ideas. I also had to buy some kind of flash stand, and got an extremely cheap stand with umbrella.

In the end though, I really think the photos turned out great, and while I might use one for my art, I wanted to show you guys a selection of my favorites from that shoot. Enjoy ;)

BCAS Engagement-003 by SevenPhotoDFW
BCAS Engagement-030 by SevenPhotoDFW
BCAS Engagement-041 by SevenPhotoDFW
BCAS Engagement-050 by SevenPhotoDFW
BCAS Engagement-064 by SevenPhotoDFW
BCAS Engagement-081 by SevenPhotoDFW
BCAS Engagement-088 by SevenPhotoDFW
BCAS Engagement-094 by SevenPhotoDFW
BCAS Engagement-100 by SevenPhotoDFW
BCAS Engagement-106 by SevenPhotoDFW

Current Features

Phidippus princeps 3 by Enkased


Some absolutely stunning macro work, and infrared photography as well, that just makes me jealous. I see so many photos that look how I would kill for my own work to look, just an amazing artist that fits with what I love so well.

Better World by Enkased sweet spot by Enkased Dragonfly Facets by Enkased Mornings Chill by Enkased

Istanbul 2013 by onurkorkmaz


Now at CRPhotography, I am responsible for adding photos from a few galleries each week, and it has seriously helped me discover some amazing new talent. The photo you see above this Deviants name literally caught me off guard, it is so close to perfection it isn't even funny. I can find not one fault with it, and the rest of his work is just as brilliant.

wharf by onurkorkmaz One Love Fest by onurkorkmaz Istanbul -11 by onurkorkmaz Pipe by onurkorkmaz

Watching You by BokehLight


Even normal standard subjects seem to stand out in this Deviants Gallery, everything from little insects to beautiful water drops. It was one of those lucky little finds that makes stumbling through the forums all worth it.

The Hidden Window by BokehLight Small World by BokehLight Morning Sun by BokehLight :thumb330781779:


Corey D. Eacret
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
My name is Corey, and I have a passion for creation. As long as I can remember, I have never been happier than when I am creating something. As I got older I discovered photography, what for me is now my biggest passion and hobby in life. I have been doing photography for 8 years now and have spent time working in a portrait studio, as well as running my own company.

I am an avid fan of helping out other people, so if you need any advice, or assistance please feel free to contact me on here, or on my website. I am always up to help out a fellow artist!!

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